>>Answered Training gives an opportunity to increase the knowledge base of all employees for a particular type.

Questions>>Answered Training gives an opportunity to increase the knowledge base of all employees for a particular type.
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>>>Training gives an opportunity to increase the knowledge base of all employees for a particular type of job (Abramson). On the contrary author argued that development is all about making an individual efficient to face different types of roles and responsibilities in long term basis. Basically development concentrates on broader skills which could be applicable in many platforms such as decision making, managing people, and thinking creatively. Finding weakness: Author opined that proper training could find out the weakness of employees at the workplace. A training program allows a staff to strengthen the skills that are needed to improve to perform consistently. On the other contrary author argued that development program helps the employee to become efficient and effective in performing challenging roles and responsibilities towards organisational development. Consistency, diversity and organisational growth: Good corporate training module could make employees aware about the safety practices and the procedures about the basic tasks (author). A large investment is done in the training section of organisations to show the value of the employees within organisation. Training includes cultural, administrative works, safety and discrimination. A strong cultural training could impact on employee behaviour by exchanging and sharing new ideas and innovations by implementing a strong cultural mix (author). On the contrary, author argued that training not only gives the opportunity to create new ideas it also minimises the confusion of employees at the workplace thus by increasing internal trust which could lead in better and consistent performance by the employees towards organisational development. Creating satisfaction among employees: Few employees have the access on corporate training and development program. These people become valued by the management and more efficient than the others. Proper training creates a supportive environment and the development program helps the employees to become confident about the new task that has been allocated by the management to them (author). Types of corporate training followed in organisations: Most of the organisations follow “On-the-job training” and “off-the-job training” to the employees. Author opined that on-the-job training gives the opportunity to learn new skills through the experience gathered at workplace, whereas author argued that off-the-job training makes employee ready to understand a variety of approaches that could provide a refreshing change of scene.

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Training and development is considered to be one of the major HR functions in contemporary business environment as it could help enhancing the workforce performance through the development of the organisational employees. Particularly in case of service industry, where the employees need to interact with the customers face to face, training plays a crucial role in dictating the customer satisfaction index.Williams (2006) suggested that the critical success factor concerning the organisations in hospitality industry is often determined by the performance of the employees towards the target customers

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